EcoExequial Burial Insurance

Funeral Policies with RESTBOX Biodegradable Coffin

¿What is EcoExequial?

It is the Burial Insurance Policy / Life Insurance, which covers the service with "Ecological Coffin", both for the Cremation and for the ground services. These Ecological Coffins must have Sustainability Certification.

We defend the right of the Citizen to be able to choose a service according to how they have lived and / or their values. The EcoExequial is an Eco-Policy and must be issued under Corporate Social Responsibility. Knowing its feasibility and good reception makes it essential in the insurance market of this century.

Certeza Seguros S.A.

The Péculo Family, through its Compañía de Seguros CERTEZA S.A. Launches the EcoExequial on the market, complying with the obligations of Corporate Social Responsibility. [CSR]
Certeza Seguros

El Surco Seguros

The company is committed to Sustainability, listening to the needs of this century, offering the EcoExequial as a solution. New problems need new solutions.
El Surco Seguros

EcoExequial Spanish Presentation

Póliza de Sepelio Ecológica