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Send a video of one to two minutes maximum, tell us what your organization is currently doing forl CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT AND THE INCLUSIVE CIRCULAR ECONOMY, please see the FAQ link to guide you through the video process. If you want, add links to videos of your company where these actions are shown.

Quantitative data

Send us the documentation that proves the improvements that your organization has made to reduce the environmental impact. For example: electricity bills that demonstrate energy reduction, kg that it recycles, etc. This point is mandatory

Who Certifies?

An environmental audit organization. For your company to belong to our platform, you must have a report signed by the company / auditor that certifies, to give credibility to the information you have sent us.

You can choose the organization of the Chamber of Environmental Auditors in each country. See Chamber of Environmental Auditors Argentina

How much?

The cost that you pay is the use of the platform and the logo for a period of one year, automatically renewable, from the moment your link is registered. This includes incorporating all the information you want to send us, at no additional cost. Its value will be set in dollars at the time of making the agreement, according to the needs of the company.

See more information at FAQ

The greater visibility the Sustainability Certification Seal has in its products, processes and / or services, the better the results.

MK message

“The ultimate purpose of this platform is to form the Unique Suppliers with Sustainability Certification Guide, which will include the testimonies of the audited companies. The objective is that the products or services of your company are chosen over those that do not have the logo or the brand on their labels, flyers, vehicles, etc.

We are convinced that the changes necessary to lower global warming with measurable social inclusion will only occur from the bottom of the consumer pyramid upwards. The existing certification processes are not comprehensible for the consumer in the second of time in which he chooses the product in the gondola.

MK | Sustainability Certification

Mauricio Kalinov | Certificación de Sustentabilidad


If you have any questions or require a quote, you can contact us and we will assist you in the process of obtaining the Sustainability Certification

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