Sustainability Certification

By obtaining Sustainability Certification, you acquire access to the platform and the use of the isologotype, as the most efficient and effective way of communicating, in an accessible and understandable way for the entire pyramid of consumers, the actions it takes to care for the environment.

These actions will be certified and verified by an environmental consulting company or an environmental engineer, who will issue the corresponding technical report for this purpose.

See the Chamber of Environmental Auditors of each country | Chamber of Environmental Auditors of Argentina

In order to continue using the Sustainability Certification, it must be renewed once a year. The auditor / observer must repeat the visit to update the report. Without this updated report, your company's link will be automatically removed.

We recommend that the auditor / observer you choose be the most prestigious within your possibilities. He will be the one who must report on continuous improvements and advise you on how to improve the environmental, social and economic impact of your organization. We can also provide you with an auditor or auditing company to make the report.

The cost that you pay is the use of the platform and the logo for a period of one year, automatically renewable, from the moment your link is registered. This includes incorporating all the information you want to send us, at no additional cost. Its value will be set in dollars at the time of making the agreement, according to the needs of the company. Once you send us the data to invoice, we will send you the invoice. Once this invoice has been paid and you have sent us the proof of the transfer - as long as all the documents and data you have sent us are complete - you will receive within 72 hours the Seal and its link registered on the page of Sustainability Certification.


If you want to receive a quote you can send us an email to mk@certificaciondesustentabilidad.org

Our Mission is to create the Unique Spanish-speaking Suppliers Guide with Sustainability Certification. We are sure that those who hold the Certification will be chosen over competing organizations that do not have it or that cannot reliably demonstrate what their actions are for caring for the environment and reducing environmental impact with measurable social inclusion.

It takes an average consumer about 1.7 seconds to select which shelf product to purchase. Our Mission is that, through the use of our logo, the consumer chooses those products, brands or services that have the Sustainability Certification, which includes the documentation that supports these actions.

In the first point of the Procedures Manual, you must send a video. You can use these questions as a guide to develop the actions you take to protect the environment.


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